Macro video for a Jewelry commercial - test 1

Ice with bubbles, clear ice, frosty ice or watery ice?
This is a great example of why patience (and perseverance) is a very important quality for a creative artist.

My Client wants to show his new crocodile skin bracelets in a fresh new light.
Great, I thought, I really want to take this opportunity to film macro sequences of crocodile skin. You would not believe how amazing it looks once you light it beautifully and look through a great macro lens. Every time I shoot a reptile like this I have to take my eye away from the camera and stare in awe at the difference.

This time I am in the testing stage of a series of closeups based around the theme of the basic elements: earth, air, fire and water.

My first test was water, freezing the bracelets laid out flat with varying depths of water, timing how long they took to freeze and then how long to melt.
After the tests, I shot a time-lapse of the ice melting naturally, and then one using a heat source to speed up the process.
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! I like the effect (as the ice melts the bubbles move around the product) but I need to find a way to eliminate them to have a more varied choice in the edit.

Can't wait to get onto the fire shoot, I have great ideas for that one…