Cool Camping

Our "Cool Comping" cross media shoot is on the opening page of the Image Source website. We shot both photographs and videos in a lovely farm in Guildford at the beginning of the English Summer, on a beautiful day. David and i (on the other Canon 5D mk11 doing the videos) drove there in the custom 1971 Doormobile 'Early bay' VW Campervan also featured on the shoot - courtesy of Nick from

It was a great day and I really enjoyed shooting out-takes while David was filming the models and directing them. It felt like being an invisible camera and I think lots of the images captured feel so natural because of this. It was also one of my favourite teams ever, with Tanya (Art Director) & Lyndsey making everything seem easy and fun and Beatriz Lopez mastering hair & make-up. Oh and lending us her bike!